Size DOES Matter...

We were finally at Carls Jr. to taste the gigantic everything there. This was our first visit after Carls Jr. was gone for almost 15 years. I could still remember they had two outlets in KL - my favourite was the one opposite Kotaraya Complex as I would be in that area almost every weekend coming back from college (the bus stopped at Klang Bus Stand and I had to walk a little to change bus to my parents home in Taman Melawati).

As far as I could remember, when Carls. Jr. was under the MBF Foods management, the ourtlet was just like McDonalds in terms of price and size although I preferred Carls Jr. for it supposedly healthy Charbroiled Burgers and the happening atmosphere there.

After 15 years of absence the size and price has tremendously grown but it still tasted good and enjoyed our meal there. I ordered the Super Star with cheese and a giant sized Coke while KN ordered the Western with a large Ice Lemon Tea. I couldn't finish the burger even though I've always had a huge appetitie. Even the fries had me full before tasting the burger. Price wise, I think it is reasonably fair.

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