Mari Main Masak-masak

Muahahaha saspen je tajuk ek? No lah Kal El tak main masak-masak but weekends are usually the time I'd try cooking some home cooked meals. If when Ka'ngah was well, she would be cooking some real nice food for her nephews and niece on weekends - usually this was the time we go back to our parents home to spend time with our family. But things have rather changed. With Ka'ngah not being really well, with me falling sick too, we'd only meet for makan-makan once in a while at nearby restaurants or we'd just buy food and eat together at home.

Clockwise: Tempe Goreng, Kari Ayam, Sayur Kacang Buncis Goreng & Sambal Kicap

Last Saturday I was quite in the mood to cook, teringin nak makan kari sebenarnya. Of course the recipe would come from my beloved auntie hehehe tapi kan biasalah, air tangan tu tak sama, so my cooking is not at all sedap. You can tell that by just looking at the photos. Ahaha KN would normally just eat whenever and whatever I cook, apa lagi time for my darling to be treated like a Royalty la, dia tak perlu masak kan...

Chicken Curry with Tonnes of Ginger and Potatoes

Sayur Kacang Buncis Goreng - Ka'ngah Would Usually Put Sliced Red Chillies Tapi For KN, No Chillies Lah, Nanti Dia Tak Makan.

Tempe Goreng

Satu Tupperware Terak Sambal Kicap Orang Malas

So the menu was chicken curry with potatoes, sayur kacang buncis goreng, tempe goreng and lawannya, sambal kicap ( I would usually have a tupperware full of this ready in the fridge) My version of sambal kicap is the MALAS version, just like I always complain when dining out - dorang ni malas la.. blend la the chillies and so on and so forth (Tapi tak semalas ada satu kedai kat Section 8 Shah Alam yang blend together with the tangkai) - ahahah I did just the same, takde kederat nak tumbuk but believe me, kalau tumbuk with the coarse chillies, memang pasti lebih sedappppp. I use kicap masin cap Tamin and add a little sugar to the sambal. The chillies are strictly cili padi... yummm yummm mau tak meletop perut satu hari nanti.

Ok lah, selamatlah menengok masakan ku yang tak seberapa. Janji hilang teringin walaupun tak sama langsung dengan Ka'ngah's cooking. Sesekali ku rasa teringin....

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