Teringin Plak Nak Bercerita Kisah Antu... Part 1

Since Abg Beruang Madu’s blog kecoh pasal citer hantu gerak-gerak perabut at the condo unit above his, I too would like to share some of my own encounters.

Entahlah, perhaps I am one of those who are prone to seeing and hearing ‘things’ from the alam angker, perhaps a gift from God the Almighty. This is especially true if I am new to a place. Memang dari kecil, as being told by my late mom, every time berubah tempat tidur, for example when staying at hotels or my relatives’ houses, I would always have trouble sleeping the first night. On many occasions as a toddler, I would be crying all night long and I would only fall asleep at the crack of dawn.

As I grow older this has somehow stopped.

But it was not the end.

I started seeing ‘them’.

My first experience was in 1993 on my very first year of college. I stayed at Section 18 Shah Alam in a PKNS apartment nearby Giant. My room, being on the third floor of the last block in the vicinity was very near a monsoon drain. In between the room and the drain was a really shady tree. Many people say that such a place is a potential breeding ground for both mosquitoes as well as those ‘things’ from the other side. I don’t know.

My bed was right beside the wooden cupboard (you’ll know how these cupboards look like if you’ve attended boarding school). On the wee hours of the morning on my very first night there, I was rudely awakened by a loud banging on the cupboard walls. It started with one very loud thud and continued with multiple banging as though someone or something was trying to get out from inside the cupboard. The funny thing was, there were three of us in the room, two on the bunk bed and I on the single bed, but it was only me who could hear the deafening bang that night.

No one in that room, until now knew what happened. I continued hearing the loud bang occasionally throughout the first month until the ‘thing’ decided to stop.

End of Part 1. To be continued…


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Encik Anif said...

Dia ada kat belakang ko Mon.. Jangan Pandang Belakang !!

Syahr-El said...

ekekekeke siot je

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