Sweeny Todd

h ha believe it or not - I just watched this gory 2007 musical on Friday. Yikes, I regret not going to the cinema to watch this excellent movie. Loving goriness and musicals, both combined in one - it is a psycho's (like me) dream come true.

What I like about the movie? I love the idea of not wasting the 'meat' of the murder victims and using them as pie filling - can you imagine eating man meat (eh, not that man meat lah... don't think dirty eh) - sick right? Hehehehe. For those yang macam saya, ketinggalan zaman, watch this fantastic musical-thriller, you'll love it. I Promise. I like!

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Shah said...

Just saw this on DVD a few weeks ago. Interesting way to present a story but definitely enjoyable.

Syahr-El said...

Ahahaha ada geng lambat tengok rupanya... Yes, definitely enjoyable!

ChesterChaz said...

really cool movies.. this is my first musical movie.. haha.. tp giler hbat johnny depp ni.. such talented actor.

Syahr-El said...

Thanks for visiting Chester. Yes watching Johnny Depp was like watching Antonio Banderas singing in Evita for the first time. Talented yet funny but lama2 i was impressed.

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