Bubur Nasi Ka'Ngah

When we were down with food poisoning the other day, Ka'Ngah was kind and sympathetic enough to prepare porridge for the two of us. As usual Ka'Ngah's cooking is always the best, even for something as simple as nasi bubur. Kalau dia goreng telur pun I'd say it's the best... umpama masakan IBU.

The porridge was prepared, as always, with sincere TLC - just the way I like my porridge to be; thick, with lots of diced onions and sliced red chilies, fried peanuts, century egg , diced chaipoh (lobak masin) and kicap masin cap Tamin.... oooohhhh sedapnya! (Ekekek tertambah 2 kali plak... lupa pasal sakit perut kejap).

Haaa my auntie tu also sediakan lauk lain like fried anchovies and sambal udang (bukan sambal tumis) - this udang (uses udang kering I think, is mashed with onions and red chillies, I think) but since I don't eat seafood, I didn't have them in my bowl of deeeellliiiicous bubur. Huhuhu sedapnyaaaaa! Hehehe.

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