Our Unfortunate First

It was a rather unfortunate ending to our first visit to Williams late last week.

The food at Williams were definitely good and tasty as they have been described in many blogs I've read. The drinks were yummy and as mouth watering as the photos I've seen in these blogs recommending Williams. Although the price was a little on the high-end for a warung-style eatery (2 Dishes + 1 big + 1 small drink = RM50) we were satisfied with the food and the very large portion of the serving.

Chicken Kiev with Macaroni in Carbonara Sauce

Meatball Lasagna

Very eagerly, being warned of a 'no-menu' situation, I have religiously written down the names of every dish that was mentioned in those blogs. We ordered the Chicken Kiev with Macaroni in Carbonara Sauce and the Meatball Lasagna. For drinks, I had the avocado and kiwi special while KN ordered the Mango + Lychee + Watermelon drink (I'm sure they have a name for this drink). The Chicken Kiev with Macaroni in Carbonara Sauce tasted great and we shared both dishes to what would be a romantic supper for the two of us.

So what was so miserable then?

Having to stay in bed with a bad case of food poisoning; painful purging, vomiting, dehydration and high fever for the past 5 days (fortunately we had to go through it together so we could laugh at each other looking and feeling our most miserable). Ah-ha, it was indeed painful but funny.

Don't worry Williams fans out there, we surely can't and won't blame the food at Williams for what happened to us. We were just, a little unfortunate.

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WA said...

You probably got salmonella from the carbonara sauce, mate.

Syahr-El said...

Wow that sounds complicated and scary....but thank God we're ok now. Thanks for visiting. Hope to see you again here.

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