Beranak Dalam Kubur - The Indonesian Ju-On

I am not sure whether this is a remake of the 1972 Indonesian Horror Hit 'Beranak Dalam Kubur'. Being an ardent Indonesian Horror fan, I rushed to the cinema on their first day of screening.

The movie is about Jessy, Jovan, Titaz, Kaila and Brian who are close friends and medical students. They went to a hospital to attend anatomy practical. At the hospital they found a morgue which has been closed and abandoned. Being playful, they entered the locked abandoned morgue and found a female body inside. Since then they started experiencing disturbances and one by one was killed (what's new) . The ghost, Jasmine, a village girl who came to Jakarta to become a singer, tragically died due to witchcraft. Jasmine mysteriously rose from the dead and crawled out of her grave to give birth but her baby died. Since then she refused to be buried elsewhere except for the hometown which was discovered towards the end of the movie.

The movie started with a really gory and brutal scene to how Jasmine died. I kinda like the movie for its horrific elements and use of loud and starting sound effects but was rather disappointed with the resemblance and familiarity to Ju-On - there were even a couple of scenes directly copied directly from Ju-On. It is sad that Ju-On, although I think was one of the scariest horror movie ever made has set a trend to how ghosts look like. and even sound. Come on people, be creative!

Go watch this movie if you're in for a scare! Definitely worth the money and time spent.

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Najib Ariyan Ali Basha said...

Ini kan cerita lama dilakonkan oleh Suzanna... depa ada buat filem baru no... seram tak?? ke macam biasa jer

Syahr-El said...

Ha ah la memang ada filem tajuk ni tahun 1972 dulu lakonan Suzanna... tapi tak pasti samada cerita yang sama dibikin semula atau filem baru yang kebetulan mempunyai nama sama. Cuba download dari internet tak jumpa pulak filem 1972 tu, ingat nak compare.

Boleh tahan la kesaspenan dia, sebab banyak menggunakan elemen bunyi untuk memeranjatkan penonton dan filem ini agak brutal sket.

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