Telur Masam Manis dengan Kentang

I wasn't really in the mood to cook but both of us were too lazy to think of where to go for lunch last Sunday so I decided to rummage though the fridge to see what's available. Walla there were eggs and only eggs in the fridge and some potatoes left from what I cooked a couple of days ago. Also in the fridge was a bottle of Life's Sweet and Sour Sauce and a quarter packet of mixed vegetable from the Fried Macaroni I proudly prepared God knows how many weeks ago.

So here it is, Fried Egg and Fried Potatoes in Sweet Sour Sauce. Easy and fast to prepare, except for the tedious (hiks) process of peeling the potatoes. Dasar pemalas! Taste wise (masuk bakul angkat sendiri punya kes ni) boleh la tahan till KN tambah 2 kali nasi muaahahahah. Am so proud of myself!

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