Sheila Returns on Zoom In

Yey! We got tickets (again!) to the Sheila Majid Zoom In recording at RTM this coming 22nd Octobber. Mula-mula tak dapat ticket when we tried getting it from's webmaster - ada ke patut we went an email each in the morning the webmaster sent us reply nearly at 9pm the same day! Geram nih and then kata sorry tak de dah tiket - how can that be? We're Sheila Majid die hard fans and we never miss her shows - except the one at KLCC early this year since we were overseas.

So, KN's cousin works kat RTM, nasib baik, we got passes from her - ada 5 lagi!!! Nak ajak sapa ek? Hehehehe Rindunya kat Sheila Majid ku itu huhuhu...

Thank you very much sayang (bukan Sheila but KN ahahaha mati Kal El nanti kalau salah faham hehehe) for working hard to get us the passes. Walaupun they're free tapi your effort means alot to me. Muahs!

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