Nasi Ayam Pak Mal @ Section 11 Shah Alam

I would easily and happily vote Nasi Ayam Pak Mal at Section 11 Shah Alam Food Court as the best Nasi Ayam in the world! It is right behind the Caltex Petrol Station and is on the right hand side of Section 11 Dewan MBSA (Left if you're from the main road from the Tesco rounabout).

Besides tasty Nasi Ayam, Pak Mal serves Soto Ayam, Mee Soto and some other delicious dishes. Service is friendly here and the taste has never changed ever since I started eating here some 7 years back. KN was the one who introduced me to this place and I just love asking for extra sambal as they are not at all stingy. The soup too is yummy and does not taste of MSG.

If you order Soto Ayam, which is also very nice, there is a jar of Sambal Kicap on the table for you to consume as you please. A definite double APPROVAL from me!

Bisness Tak Boleh Kedekut, Beginilah Kalau Nak Maju heheheh

Beside Pak Mal Nasi Ayam, the stall on its right sells drinks as well as satay (at night) - I love their Giant-sized Young Coconut Juice as well as Chrysenthemum Tea especially on hot sunny days to accompany the fiery sambal nasi ayam or sambal kicap (of course if you eat them like soup like I do!)

Giant-sized Air Kelapa Muda

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Pinangso Loro said...

Errr Shah Alam blur sikit lah.. takper lah makan yg kat KL jer lah.. hehehehe

Syahr-El said...

mana la tau kalau Abang Bear singgah ke, tersesat ke Shah Alam, cubala tempat ni...tak nyesal punya!

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