Garden Cafe, The Mall

We were at The Mall recently to buy KN's new phone and decided to have dinner at one of the places we frequent tapi selalunya di Summit USJ. Came accross this place at The Mall by accident and our meals here have not at al been disapointing so far.

We chose the set dinner - Grilled Chicken with Fried Rice that comes complete with a bowl of creme of mushroom soup, 2 pieces of watermelon as well as a choice of either Iced Lemon Tea or plain Syrup with each set.

Cream of Mushroom Soup

The Grilled Chicken Set isn't too bad and the set is affordably priced and very filling too! The Grilled Chicken comes with fries as well as coleslaw. Too bad I didn't really like the coleslaw though. The rest was superb.

Feeling to the Max!

Garden Cafe has over 50 ( I think) items on their menu- there's so much to order from, from local dishes, to Thai to Western plus a variety of drinks that patrons can enjoy.

Iced Lemon Tea (Top) and Sirap (Bottom)

The only set back here is (hmmm always the case) the waiters and waitresses aren't Malaysians - don't get fooled by their Chinese look, they're Cambodians I think or maybe Vietnamese and speak very little Malay or English. Why la these places suka sangat employ foreigners hah?

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