Happy 6th Anniversary Sayang!

Dear KN,

We met six years and 7 Ramadhans ago on this day of Sweet October and our love for each other has never stop growing since then. Thank you my love for always being with me through sadness and happiness. May we be together till times end, cherishing the lives we have been sharing together. I love you and will forever love you. That's a promise.

For our anniversary this year I am giving KN and myself a special Valentine's gift (ngelat kan Anniversary kasi Valentine's Gift - can only be used next year!) Well, but all has been paid for and I am pretty sure this is what KN wants.

For Valentine's next year we're going
for a 3 days 2 nights manja-manja trip to Kota Kinabalu that includes a night stay on the magnificent Mount Kinabalu and a night stay at Magellan Sutera Beach Resort in KK. I'm sure KN would love taking shots of Mount Kinabalu at sunrise and just imagine the spa treatment awaiting us. Yummy! Eh, I pulak excited. Heheheh... So here we are, to many more happy and meaningful years together, Happy Anniversary my darling.

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