Nasi Lemak Sulaiman Court @ Kampung Baru

The night before we left for Umrah in August we went to a place I've wanted to go for a very long time. The last time I was here at the Sulaiman Court's Nasi Lemak stall was way back in the year 2000. I didn't quite like it then but somehow wanted to come back for god knows what reason - oh yeah, I saw this place on TV sometime back hehehe. The food looked really tempting on the idiot box. BTW, I call it Nasi Lemak Sulaiman Court as I do not know the name of the place but I suppose it is the only Nasi Lemak place near Sulaiman Court in Kampung Baru, KL.

I was really excited queing up for the nasi lemak packed in really small packets. The guy behind the counter was working like a machine with a horribly sour looking face. What a turn off but he was really fast and into what he was doing - like I said, a machine, takde perasaan. KN took 8, mind you EIGHT packets (yeah they're small but EIGHT?) ahahah I was thinking biarlah, nafsu orang nak jalan jauh. I knew I could at most finish two. Really. Hehehehe...really!

After the Nasi Lemak, we ordered Beef Rendang (of course my favourite) and two sunny side ups - all thrown into a plate and again, no smiling face from the people behind the counter - these people must really mean business! There were many choices of lauk pauk for the Nasi Lemak - the packed rice ddin't even come with sambal so you've got to ask for it. OMG I just realized that I had the nasi lemak that night without sambal... patut la! We then ordered our drinks, paid for the food then sat at one corner.

Like I said before, I managed to finish up 2 packets while KN gobbled up the remaining 6. The rendang was not really up to my liking and that reminded me of why I didn't quite like it back in 2000. I usually love Nasi Lemak in daun pisang but I have to pass this particular one.

Furthermore the place was a little dirty - the floor was full of rubbish (I realised it the moment I came into the shop but turned a blind eye on them - lapar dan teringin sangat punya pasal) and service wise - huh so sombong one the people... hello, good service comes with a smile. It would pay to at least look up at your customers and give them a smile, no matter how brief.

Verdict? Nope, not going there ever again - unless I see the place on TV again and this time TV people, better start showing the true colours of the plce you're reviewing! Grrrr...!

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Kembara Musafir said...

huaa... really like that one huh...? depa tak kontrol quality of customer service tuh... kalau nasi lemak tuh tak sedap, alamat bungkus la depa nanti... harapkan sedap jer lah agaknya... my mom's & sis nasi lemak is by far better than any of the nasi lemak eateries in KL... seriously, sebab tekak dah serasi dgn masakan depa la tu... hehe

Syahr-El said...

Of course air tangan mak (in my case my auntie) yang has been cooking for my family since I was 1 month old lah yang paling sedap di dunia - takde sapa boleh lawan wooo...

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