Hillside Corner Restaurant with Along

I was at Hillside Corner Restaurant again and this time was there with along and my one and only nephew. Orang belanja, takkan nak tolak kan? Heheheh. No particular occasion just two adik-beradik trying to catch up and update each other with current happenings. Moreover along and I live in the same building (we happen to have bought a unit on the same block, the same floor only different wings) tapi kami jarang berjumpa - almaklumlah masing-masing sibuk memanjang.

The Garlic Bread

As usual, bila dah di Hillside Corner Restaurant I would definitely not miss ordering the garlic bread - too bad, another must, the chicken pie were sold out.

The Chicken Chop

My nephew had Chicken chop - I had a taste and it was nicly prepared. While Along had the Cantonese Kueh Teow (I think that's what it's called).

The Cantonese Kueh Teow

Kal El bukan malu-malu but it happened that I've had something heavy to eat before I was invited to this late lunch with my lovely sis and nephew so I ordered something light + another serving of garlic bread - ahahah light sangat la tu. I ordered a Chinese dish - Fried something-somthing hehehe can't remember exactly what's it's called but it is shaped like a popia (fried tofu actually - see photo below) dipped in Chili Sauce.

As usual, all our meal at this family eatery has never been disappointing. I only wish they have more of their Chicken Pie because it gets sold out too fast ler... Can or not?

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