Nasi Ayam Hailam Damansara Utama @ Ampang

Sementara mood raya ni la kan, I will be posting more entries on food la nampaknya. Moreover I've had this entry as draft for quite sometimes screaming to be published. Before puasa KN rajin sangat pergi ke Ampang Point - sebab apa? Ada Popular bookstore - dia asik kuar magazine photography je, winning this competition and that organised by Sony. Banyak jugak lah kerja-kerja (dan jugak muka KN) kuar kat magazine-magazine tuh.

So, this restaurant Nasi Ayam Hailam Damansara is just nearby Ampang Point (no not in Damansara - perhap they have a branch there, I dunno) and for a better landmark, it is exactly at the shophouses row opposite Ampang Putri Hospital.

What I like about this place? It's sambal - tak kedekut (not stingy) like some kedai are. They place a bowl of real delicious and spicy sambal on each table and you may drink it like soup if you wish. There are other made to order dishes like vegetables and such but we ordered the plain old Nasi Ayam - nice enough to fulfil our appetite - the sambal that matters to me, not what's on the rice.

KN as usual would go for the Braised Chicken while I teh Roasted one. One more yummy thing about this place is the Asam Boi Lime Juice - Superbly mixed!

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