Western Food @ KLCC Signature Food Court

Fish n Chips

One of my favourite stopover kalau makan di KLCC is it's Western Foodstall at the Signatures Food Court. It is at the right hand side of the escalator where Kyros Kebab and Laksa Shack! is The auntry at the stall too is very friendly and she told me that the stall is a franchise of The Ship. Patut la...

They offer a variety of Western food dishes ranging from chicken, beef to fish. I have tried eating here many times but only this time (note: this was taken way back before Ramadhan, kira hutang entry la ni) I remembered to snap pictures.

Maryland Chicken with Banana Fritters

KN and I would usually drop by KLCC for a quick munch on our way home on days where we are undecided on what to eat or on days where we have a movie to catch at TGV KLCC. This time I ordered the Maryland Chicken with Banana Fritters that comes in a set of a bowl of Musroom Soup and a cup of Corn Pudding.

The Mushroom Soup and Corn Pudding that comes with the Maryland Chicken

And of course when at this food court I would not miss ordering the Fruit Coctail with Jelly no matter how cold the day is.

My Favourite Fruit Coctial with Jelly

KN on the other hand ordered the FIsh n Chips that I would say, for a non-seafood person like me, looked good - if it's true that the stall is a franchisee of The Ship then it should be good.

Our Sumptuos Dinner

Another worth trying dish is the combo set that comprises of steak, chicken chop, sausages and sunny side up - try it and you'll never regret.

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