Kanna Curry House @ Kepong Once More lah!

Kanna Curry House should seriously consider making me their maskot, official representative, ambassador or whatsoever ehehehehe.

Ayam Sambal and Pappadam with Lots of Curry on the Rice

We were at Ikano buying cat supplies and presto the car drove itself to Kepong for another Nasi Daun Pisang treat - at Kanna lah, where else! Again, after twice coming to this branch of Kanna we still prefer the service and food at the PJ outlet.

Getting Ready for a Hearty (Helathy?) Meal

The service there is more efficient, friendly and they surely try hard to impress thier customers. That is somehow different at the Kepong Branch especially when you choose to sit outside for some cozy air while enjoying your banan leaf rice. The waiters had to be called several times, otherwise they would be busy talking with each other in the restaurant.

I Don't Mind Turning Vegetarian if Its Banana Leaf Rice Everyday!

The taste too I think is diffferent compared to their PJ outlet. I prefer the one at PJ (perhaps I always come on the wrong day when the cook isn't in the mood kot?) but whatever it is, I just love and will always love banana leaf rice - of course with lots of curry on the rice!

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Najib Ariyan Ali Basha said...

Mak aiii siap berdaun pisang tu.. tanaman subur yg cepat tumbuh cepat jugak mati... kat mana restoran nih... selalu nak jugak makan dalam daun pisang ni... harum jer nasik tu

Syahr-El said...

Kanna Curry House ni ada 2 (yang Kal El tau la)

Jalan 17/45
Petaling Jaya
Map here: http://my.88db.com/my/Services/Post_Detail.page/food_beverage/restaurant/?PostID=77235

Taman Menjalara - boley call PJ outlet for the address.

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