The Urinal Tragedy

I was at KLCC TGV last night to watch the new horror film Congkak by Ahmad Idham (will write about this in another entry) and stopped by the gents before entering the cinema. While doing number 1 at the urinals came a young Chinese guy, very stylish and good looking. He was walking behind me as though he was going to use the urinal at the other end (I would usually do that if there are only two people at the urinals - what's the point of standing really close to someone at the urinals!) And this was just what the guy did, he stood beside me and I heard him mumbling something that sounded like "Excuse Me" and when I turned to looked at his face , I caught him peeking a view of (more like staring at) my dear willy! Not once but twice to the extend of leaning forward for a good view of Mr. P - It was so damn bloody obvious lah! Not that I've never glanced someone's dickie whilst at the urinal, and not that I've never willingly exposed myself (hehehe pengakuan of a part time exhibitionist nih) for those yang jeling-jeling at the urinals (ala everyone at the gents pun has the same thing kan) - biasa I think for men to compare their sizes but being polite and rude at the same time isn't the way to do it - what the heck saying excuse me for then leaning forward twice to see my P? Teruk la some people! Such cheap trill!

p/s i don't know what label to put this entry under but since it happened in Malaysia and in the heart of KL City Centre some more, I simply decided to put in under the current label. No harm intended.

Macam ni la lebih kurang...

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