Earth Day 2008

April 22 is our dear Earth Day. This year's mission, a global warming action theme is A CALL FOR CLIMATE where millions around the world will urge their governments to start taking appropriate actions and taking global warming seriously.

Unfortunately I don't think Malaysia will be one of the country organizing and celebrating Earth Day (please correct me if I'm wrong) but on their map shown on the Earth Day Website, Singapore would be the closest to Malaysia celebrating this very important event.

However, whether or not we're holding an events for this memorable day, please, do our parts in making sure the Earth, our Home, is taken care of. Treat every day as Earth Day.

My little contribution would be a promise that starting today, I would not spend too long on my morning and evening showers, hoping to save water, seriously. Just hope I don't start smelling bad lah. So, what's your move?

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