Nasi Daun Pisang @ Batu Caves

Nasi Daun Pisang @ Banana Leaf Rice with Sambal Chicken, Fried Chilli Padi, 3 Types of Veges and Pappadom - Yummy!

Indian food has been my personal favourite for long - all thanks to mummy's influence. I started eating nasi daun pisang or banana leaf rice and fell in love with it when I was studying at the university. I was driving ,so I could easily go anywhere I wanted. So Serdang was the place of choice where my buddies and I frequent for their delicious banana leaf rice - Maulana Restaurant. Went back to the place a couple of years back but unfortunately the place no longer exist. So I ended up eating at one of the Indian restaurants nearby Serdang's 7 Eleven Store.

Another good place for banana leaf rice is Kanna Curry House in PJ. Introduced by a fellow colleague at ICT, Sri Ganesh, that is so far the best place serving banana leaf rice. I will write about it later when I visit the place - hopefully soon.

I would be able to enjoy banana leaf rice everyday if I have to. I just love the vegetable combination and lots of curry; chicken, dhalcha and fish curry all mixed and poured on the rice. I love the fried chilli padi as well as the crispy pappadom. A must when I eat banana leaf rice is the sambal chicken.

On 10th March 2008 KN and I went to the Batu Caves Tabung Haji branch. There was a restaurant nearby on the same row as Hong Leong Bank serving banana leaf rice. I can't recall the name though but that was the only Indian restaurant there.

Service wise, they're really good, very personalised and very pleasant staff. Food wise, I would say a definite excellent (well, because I've never really tasted banana rice that isn't good) - just loved it. KN said Kanna's is a lot better, I just couldn't differentiate. The only difference is that at Kanna's if you order fried chicken it will be fried fresh. I would give the food here an excellent A and would come back for more, anytime!

p/s the Naan here looks good too - perhaps some other time. :-)

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