Ronda-ronda Kuala Lumpur

March 7, 2008 was a busy and hectic day for the of us. KN took the day off to take Ayah to the hospital for his appointment and I went to work as usual but planned to take half day to register for Umrah at Andalusia.

KN went back to Shah Alam the night before to pick Ayah and Mak. They arrived at BA approximately half past seven and we headed to the only mamak restaurant here for breakfast. Ahahaha guess what, the first thing Mak told me when I entered the car was - "Eh S*** Ikea ada Sale tau" and we both laughed . I saw KN looking back through the rear view mirror - alamak macam citer Jangan Pandang Belakang pulak as a komplot to go Ikea was on its way!

So there we were, berjaya jugak convince KN and Ayah to go to Ikea ahahaha. I actually got scolded by the Bangla guard at Ikea for taking a photo of their Ikea Sale Bunting - cheh! Well, Mak didn't buy much but me, as usual lah - I had a list of things already up in the head the momnet mak mentioned "Ikea" and "Sale!" and there goes three hundred ringgit well spent We had lunch at Ikea, of course, their delicious meat balls and cranberries sauce and some dessert. Mak and Ayah shared their meat balls on a single dinner plate - how romantic, I wish my own parents were like that - how lucky KN is.

My Plate of 15 Pieces Meat Balls with lots of Chilli Sauce and Mustard - hehehe!

After Ikea we went to Ikano to get a hammer drill (one f the things need to install those things I bought at Ikea today and some other things I bought nearly a year ago but not yet hung on the wall) - there, I kissed RM400 good bye - well, lucky Ayah is familiar with tools and he recommended a really good hammer drill for me.

We then sent Mak and Ayah home and it was raining cats and dogs but the initial plan was to registed for Umrah at Andalusia in Taman Maluri. Lucky enough we managed to get there before their business hours end that day and Alhamdulillah we'll be going on August 25th this year. We were given 2 bags each, a book and free classes on Sundays 9am to 1pm. We decided to start attending the classes later in May. What we still need to do for this trip are the immunization injection and photos for the visa application.

Since KN just bought a DSLR, the only thing that interests KN nowadays are camera stuff and camera shops. So we then headed to Pertama Complex as I have promised KN a flash for my darling's coming 31st Birthday. We parked at Sogo Shopping Complex and had dinner there - My favourite Extra Hot Peri-peri Chicken at Nandos. KN had a Peri-peri Beef dish served with rice. This was actually the first time we dined at Nandos Sogo - the service was terrible as the waiters were busy chit chatting with each other at the counter and we had a hard time trying to get them to refill our drinks - Nandos Alpha Angle Wangsa Maju's service was so much better and friendlier.

Extra Hot 1/4 Peri-peri Chicken with Rice and Coleslaw for me and Mild Beef Peri-peri with rice for KN

Before heading home we bought Lecka-lecka's ice cream - a mixture of three flavour but the best was the Red/pink-coloured Lecka Special (tasted liek watermelon) and a bag of Famous Amos cookie - yummy, and I have only myself to blame if my blood sugar reading is high tomorrow... padan muka!
The 3 Flavored Lecka-lecka Ice Cream topped with Cookie Crumbs

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