Nasi Beriyani @ Bismillah Restaurant

I can remember going to this restaurant way back in the 80s. Papa 's office was nearby, at Mindef, while I went to a school about a kilometer away. Since one of mummy's favourite food was nasi beriyani, Restoran Bismillah, one of the best availble serving Beriyani in KL then was a favourite besides another restaurant pposite Pertama Complex in KL City, I can't really recall the name but it was near Shiraz Hotel and Restaurant - I wonder if these two places, the beriyani restaurant and Shiraz are still there near Tunku Abdul Rahman Road.

the Fried Chicken Beriyani @ Bismillah Restaurant, Jalan Semarak

On 12th March 2008 I suddenly craved for Bismillah's chicken briyani and we went there. It is situated along Jalan Semarak, opposite the University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) city campus and just beside the Telekom Malaysia College. Well, I can't say how delicious the beriyani was in the 80s but what I could remember was, it was a place where my family frequent - then it must've been good.

if the chicken is cooked with the rice like the one at the restaurant near Shiraz but it's not how they cook it here). I am pretty sure it was how theyWe had the Fried Chicken briyani. (I honestly like cooked beriyani at this restaurant back in the 80s, otherwise mummy wouldn't have liked it too.

After about three decades, the beriyani here still tastes good - not really that good that I would keep coming back for more but good as in edible and no complaints. What I like was the dhalcha - it was more like kurma really. It tasted good and go well with the rice. We also ordered a piece of beef murtabak to go for our breakfast the next morning.

Overall, for the nearly RM30 spent I would rate the beriyani here a B+ and the beef murtabak a mere B (the murtabak at Pasar Malam Melawati tastes better and much cheaper too, really)

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