Jalan-jalan on KN's 31st Birthday

"Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday to my love KN,

Happy Birthday to You!"

It is KN's 31st Birthday today - tsk, we're both getting old but we're happy to be getting older together. Today, nope, this whole week actually is filled with us spending time together and doing those things we love. Although we go to work everyday together and have dinner together we seldom have time for leisure, especially these few months since I had that stroke attack. Well, it's me to be blamed indeed but KN has been very understanding and helpful in so many ways.

I've given KN's present early this month, or was it late last month - a swivel flash for the new DSLR. I know KN wouldn't be able to wait to save for a flash so I decided to give one as an early birthday present so my laling would be able to play and experiment with the new toy.

Since there's not going to be another birthday present on the day KN turns 31, I decided to celebrate this week with today being the highlight. Heheh the way I'm writing this is as though I've planned a birthday bash for KN but nope, it's just something for KN to remember by when I am no longer around. I hope so. We didn't do anything extravagant only went down memory lane doing those things we usually do together when I was healthier; movies, buying pirated DVDs , karaoke, food and more food . I am however going to write about what we did the whole of today.

The day started with brunch at McDonalds, apa lagi... McD Breakfast la at Petronas Station behind Ampang Puteri Hospital. We usually go to the Ulu Kelang Shell Station McD (formerly Projet) but since we're heading to KL City later, we decided to have breakfast there instead. As usual, we both had the Big Breakfast set - yummy! I just wish they had mustard served at McD - just the way I ate meatballs at Ikea..

After brunch, we headed to Bukit Bintang Plaza to Green Box for their Happy Hour Karaoke Session. We've been a member here since 2005 when we frequent Red Box at least once a month then. The last time we were here karaokeing was last year I think - we've been so busy with work and our daily routines that we've forgotten this part of our life. We intended to start singing at 1pm but unfortunately the place was fully booked until 2pm - well, that's not bad after all. Since we had 2 hours to kill, we walked to Low Yat (ahahah bunyi macam jauh je kan... walked, it's just across the road, really) and bought some DVD-R. My eyes have been set since our last visit to Sony Centre KLCC a couple of days ago on A Sony VAIO laptop - tapi kan, what am I going to do with the one I already have?

Chee Meng Hainanese Chicken Rice @ Bukit Bintamg - Photo taken from their website

After ronda-ronda Low Yat and naik kan my darah looking at the very tempting gadgets, we decided to walk further to Chee Meng Hainanese Chicken Rice on Jalan Bukit Bintang - and yes, I am proud to say, I walked there (hehehe still, isn't that far, about 100 meters from Low Yat, or perhaps less). I ordered the Roasted Chicken Rice while KN ordered the Steamed Chicken Rice. What's best about this place is they serve the sambal in bottles so that I don't have to keep asking for more from the waiters/waitresses, which could be a real hassle. We finished lunch a little half an hour before two and headed to Bukit Bintang Plaza while KN snapped some photos of BB street life.

Roasted & Steamed Chicken and the Bottle of Sambal... Tu Yang Best!

So we sang our hearts out, kemaruk nak menyanyi (ahaha like don't sing in the car everyday lah!). This was the cheapest karaoke session we've ever had. Being a member of the Dot Red card, KN got a free Birthday voucher and we had to pay a total of RM27 only - that's what we like about Green Box, for not forcing us to pay the RM8 per bowl tit bits like at Red Box. For the Happy Hour session, there's free flow of drinks and tit bits.

After the karaoke session we headed to Pavilion (by car, we didn't walk as it was raining heavily - alasan!) That was our first time there. Well, there was nothing much that could impress us except for the size of the place perhaps. We snapped some photos in admiration and walked around aimlessly. Come 7pm we were hungry (again) and walked (yes we walked) to Planet Hollywood for dinner.

Our 3rd visit to Planet Hollywood for dinner; the first being in 2004 before Sheila Majid's concert, the second in Bali in 2006 and this time to celebrate KN's birthday. We of course ordered the nachos (our favourite dish but decided the one served at Chilli's is better). I ordered the Sizzling Mixed Grill and KN the BBQ Chicken. The food was OK but we both agreed that the food served at Planet Hollywood Bali was a dozen times better. And guess what, KN found a strand of hair in the coleslaw - yucks! If we were the west, I guess we would already be given a free meal, but the manager ordered a replacement instead ( I wonder if he just pulled the hair out and sent KN the same bowl of coleslaw after... ahahah bantai sajalah!) We found out that Anuar Zain is performing somewhere in June. Wings would be performing in May. Unfortunately they have no idea when Sheila would be back - nanti tau-tau aja dah full house!


KN's BBQ Chicken n Fries - Half Chicken, Big Portion

My Sizzling Mixed Grill - Sausage, Chicken, Lamb and Beef with Fries

On the way back to Pavilion, we snapped more photos of Jalan Bukit Bintang at night showered with glittering lights. Since KN was the one with the DSLR, my task was only to pose - huhuhu mcm model tepi jalan je gayanya. We decided to try the J.Co donuts as recommended by many and found it to be just like Big Apple - I personally prefer the ole' Dunkin for not being awfully and overly sweet. And the letter 'J' actually means Jakarta... not bad for an Indonesian company gone international.

We headed home, watched a few minutes of the Anugerah Planet Muzik shown live on TV and went to bed early. It was indeed a happy day for me and I hope KN feels the same.

Happy Birthday My Love!

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