Hillside Corner Restaurant @ Bukit Antarabangsa

On 21st March 2008 KN treated me to dinner at Hillside Corner Restaurant Bukit Antarabangsa... very near to our home, opposite Burger King and behind Giant Supermarket. Hillside Restaurant is the only decent restaurant there and we've been patrons since 2003 - I could still remember the first time was with mummy and ka'ngah a couple of months after I moved into the new house.

The restaurant is with very simple deco yet it is very cozy and is a suitable place for family dining. There are interesting paintings on the wall indicating the owners indeed have very exquisite taste, both in decor as well as in food. The restaurant serves both local and western cuisine with some selection of sliced cakes. The specialty here would be their home made chicken pie and very tasty but extremely sweet bread pudding ( a no-no for me lah ye)

Garlic Bread - Yummy!

Nachos - Wish There were more JalapeƱos

Hainanese Fried Rice with Fried Chicken

That night I had the Nachos as mains with garlic bread and KN had the Hainanese Fried Rice. I also ordered a piece of the delicious home made chicken pie for breakfast the next day - believe me, it was really yummy (unfortunately I've gobbled up the poor pie before realizing I've forgotten to snap a picture of it). I wished the Nachos had more jalapeƱos on it but it tasted all right. The Hainanese Fried Rice was served with a piece of fried chicken. The garlic bread was indeed superb. Overall, for good and affordable food and superbly friendly service I give the place a definite A.

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Encik Anif said...

Tiap kali masuk blog ko ni.. terus lapo :)

Syahr-El said...

muahahahaha ... ada lagik coming... tunggu masa je nak post tapi sume kene backdate la bro... tapi sebelum baca post tu baca lah doa selamat tu ye..

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