Laksa Shack

I get to finally write about Laksa Shack.

I've been a patron at Alpha Angle's Laksa Shack since 2005. I have seen this restaurant at various places before like Summit USJ but have never wanted to try it, believing that no Johore Laksa could probably be able to beat the best - Ka'ngah's.

Since Ka'ngah hasn't been well and not wanting to trouble her with cooking, I decided to try the Laksa Johor there in 2005. Ever since, I think they have changed both their menu and management at least a couple of times. They are still selling Laksa as their mains but bit by bit some new menus are added to their line up. Even the Laksa Johor (the only Laksa I like and I've tried there) has changed over time.

In terms of portion, the last time I was there on March 27th, it was indeed getting smaller (ironically the bowl was getting larger, but not deeper). In terms of taste, I would prefer the now than the then for a couple of reasons:

TheLaksa Johor Served with Otak-otak

1. They now allow customers to choose the noodle with that of your preference. Honestly I like my Laksa Johor with the white Assam Laksa Noodle instead of the spaghetti (In traditional Johor, Laksa was served with home made spaghetti-like noodle, so eating Laksa Johor with spaghetti is such a spoil to the taste).

2. I finally get the taste of chai po or lobak masin in the Laksa - the more the tastier. Plus they've put in extra onions which was so pleasing to my taste buds.

Unfortunately, the sambal belacan still fails me big time. Sigh, macam the peel fresh advert kata la, "you one something better, prepare it yourself" - perhaps it's about time I learn the secrets and recipes of Ka'ngah's Johor Laksa. Tsk! And one more thing that I do not understand is why in the world would Laksa Johor be served with boiled eggs?

Curry Laksa

KN seems to be a bit adventurous here, apart from the favourite Curry Laksa (note: there's no chicken in the Laksa now as compared to before) KN has tried the rice dishes and other things from their menu in our previous visits. For me, it's Laksa Johor all the way.

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Shah said...

I happen to love their Asam Laksa.

Syahr-El said...

Hi there Shah, will try that the next time I go there.

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