Roadhouse Grill

The roads were jammed up pretty heavily on March 28, thanks to the closure of SMART tunnel that KN and I decided to have dinner at an eatery nearby my office. Less than 10 minutes drive from my workplace we headed to Roadhouse Grill along Jalan Ampang. It' on the same row as Great Eastern Mall and right beside the Perkeso building. As far as I can remember, this family restaurant bearing the identity of cowboys has been here even before Great Eastern Mall was built. I of course started going to this place with late mummy as her favourite was western food -now you know where I've got that liking for Western food.

The last time KN and I came here was August last year with Roy and his brother for dinner. Eight months later the place has rather changed, not the decor (it has been the same ever since they opened) but the menu has changed and the bucket of roasted peanuts were no longer served. They used to serve a bucket of roasted peanuts while waiting for our orders to be ready but now instead, they serve homemade buns which in my opinion is so much better than the peanuts... jerawat maaa... But without the cracking sound of peanuts and the remains being thrown all over the place I think Roudhouse grill has lost its originality and identity.

Our favourite seating place is definitely by the huge window nearby the entrance. Here we can see the kitchen where our steaks are charbroiled to perfection.

The really tasty bun

As usual, for appetizer, apa lagi if not nachos. Again, Chilli's serve better nachos but we enjoyed sharing the very filling plate of our favourite dish..romantic la konon hehehe . We also ordered their new menu, meatballs which was a real yummy!

The new Meatball menu

Our Favourite appetizer... mana-mana pergi pun order ini

For mains, I ordered the medium-rare charbroiled steak with black pepper sauce and sweet potatoes while KN ordered the well-done charbroiled steak with mushroom sauce and fries. I would say the sweet potatoes tasted great.

Well-done charbroiled steak with musroom sauce and fries

Medium-rare charbroiled steak with black pepper sauce and sweet potatoe

Service wise, the waiter adn waitresses are very professional and the make dining at the Roadhouse grill a pleasant experience.

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Shah said...

The last time I was here was when my big bro wanted to belanja his still studying younger bro - have to go again la sometime. I remember really enjoying the food here - but then again I seem to enjoy food just about everywhere hehehe...

Syahr-El said...

Yup, I couldn't agree more Shah, when it comes to food, I believe in eating like a king - but i'm yet to try your Wlilliams... huhu tersalivate plak... yesterday we went to Bubba Gump @ the Curve, will write about it soon.

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