5 Miserable Hours

It was time for my laser treatment at Ampang Hospital again. (Read: It's time for a long wait doing nothing, again).

As usual, I would be at the hospital as early as 8am hoping that I'd be called in early so that I can go home and rest if I were to see the ophthalmologist or go back to the office if I were to see the doctor at MOPD or the Nephrologist. The eye doctor would usually give the day off as my eyes would be very dilated (meaning, blind lah lebih kurang) for a while so I won't be able to drive, cope the glare from a monitor screen or even watch the idiot box. I would usually spend the rest of the day sleeping with the curtains drawn or the shutters shut.

OK, so I was at the clinic as early as 8am. Guess when they called me in? 11:45am, yes that's the truth and I had to wait a further 2 hours before my laser treatment. There is hemorrhaging in my left eye (thanks to this bugger diabetes and a my failing kidneys) so this dear left eye of mine needs about 5K shots of the laser but due to the raptured blood vessels, it was hard for the doctor to carry out the treatment (the first treatment they could only do 500 and this time only 190 - meaning I have to come back many more times to complete the treatment, sigh).

However long the waiting time at the eye clinic was, I am really happy with the doctors there. Dr Siti has seen me several times, unlike the doctors at MOPD, she remembers me personally and takes me very seriously. I was attended to by Dr Noriman yesterday and he too was superb. At least the 5 miserable hours of waiting, and not being able to do anything (I can't read as my pupils were dilated) paid off with such good doctors around. I just wish all doctors at the government hospitals are as good and tentative as these two doctors are.

Afterall, I didn't go there for free. I paid RM5 (heheheh) every time I go for follow up, apart from the INCOME TAX I have to pay every year.

Next laser treatment, 20th May 2008.

p/s another good eye doctor if you're looking for one and are willing to pay is Dato' Dr Baljit Kaur at Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital - I did cataract operation on both eyes in 2004 with her. Believe me, she's good.

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