Tali Pocong Perawan

Another movie KN and I watched recently was Tali Pocong Perawan. We bought this DVD quite a while ago but did not watch it until I was feeling a little better last Friday night. Overall storyline boleh la tahan. A little simple throughout and confusing towards the end but all questions answered at the end scene.

I personally think that the movie got its focus on the wrong things - macam citer porn pun ada. With a perverted main character the concept of Tali Pocong Perawan however is rather interesting and original. I wonder if it is true. To me the actors and actreses in the movie aren't strong enough to leave a mark or an after effect a ghot movie should have on its viewers. The actors and actresses were weak perhaps beacause the script was weak too.

What I like is the appearances of the pocong at unexpected places as part of the props. She appeared indirectly as part of a background and I liked that. There were some points in the movie that left me giggling funny - maybe it was intentional of the movie makers to make viewers laugh?

From a site on the Internet, an actual ghostly appearance was seen in one of the behind the scene photos - huhuh scary! ANother part I like is the flying Pocong - that's something new and different as Pocong is always known to be jumping around not fly!

What I don't understand and can't relate are the other ghosts that the character saw in the movie - how do these other ghosts relate to the event of Tali Pocong Perawan and why does the character see them too? A scare once in a while is always good for a healthy adrenalin rush but this movie just failed to give me that. Another disapointment indeed.

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