A Birthday Full of Surprises!

Birthday Cake from my Love KN

My 33rd birthday was indeed a pleasant one walaupun dalam kesakitan and in anticipation of perhaps dying after 2 weeks non stop vomiting, very high urea and creatanine level in my body, unable to do anything but lie down most of the time (besides frequent visits to the toilet).

Fruit Basket, Bouquet of Flowers and CDs from my Best Buddies

KN bought me a birthday cake - although not the Superman one like I wished for, it was still thoughtful of KN - a sweet little chocolate mousse cake. I also got a pair of Superman t-shirt, a Superman keychain and a sweet birthday card for this person I love so much - thanks sayang. No matter what you're always my super love, forever.

Superman T-Shirt, Superman Key Chain from my Love KN

On the day itself, I was invited by my dear best buddies Roy, Shaz and Mahid (who came all the way from Labuan) to lunch but since I was not feeling well, they came to the house instead - a pleasant surprise as I only thought Roy wanted to meet for lunch and didn't know Mahid and Shaz was there. When they were at my house, Shaz called Wan and we spoke on the phone. Later that evening Zurry sent and SMS to wish me Happy Birthday - it was unexpected and the 5 very best friends of mine made my birthday the best this year. They brought me a fruit basket, a bouquet of flowers and Shaz gave two CDs - Beauty and the Beast Original Broadway Musical Recording (that I wanted during the show but sold out) and a Celine Dion Collection CD - I love the gifts and appreciate your visit guys.

Devil Bolster from Arif and Along

Ka'ngah gave me RM100 and Sapit a Sleep Better Pillow. Arif and along gave me a 'devil' bolster that is very cute. Unfortunetaly papa I think has forgotten to wish me - tapi tak apa lah, as long as th others remembered - furthermore he was the one who gave me this life.

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