James Bond 22 - Quantum of Solace

Dalam sakit-sakit, still under hospitalisation mc on Friday Kal El sempat pi ikut KN join office mates dia tengok James Bond terbaru di Midvalley Megamall. It was a company thing where they have outing such as to movies, karaoke, paintball for staff dan yang paling seronok they can bring anyone they want - satu panggung Premiere class telah dibook oleh company KN ni. Seronok, macam ni lah yang aku nak keje. Work seriously, work hard and get rewarded with play. Mungkin I would value a fat bonus more tapi this is better compared to just makan-makan waktu Raya or Puasa like my current company - a secret (I may join this company soon! Tunggu offer letter jer ni heheheh) So, I was there all covered up to try conceal this telinga extra I now have.
KN and I are not really ardent fans of James Bond - even the previous Bond pun kami tak tengok - Casino Royale - so we were here because it's FREE! Ahahaha cheap skate!

Well, my honest opinion - Bond has lost his touch. Tak macam waktu Roger Moore dulu when Bond was at is peak, Daniel Craig I think tak suitable to become a Bond. Tak ada style, not macho enough to hold and sustain the character. Storyline wise, rasanya since ni dah the 22nd instalment, the makers dah takde modal - it's crappy and really dissapointing. Even the opening stunt pun tak menarik and I thought Charlie's Angels opening stunt was so much better. Mungkin becuase KN and I were lost for not watching Casino Royale but Bond has never has two parts too closely related to cause viewers pening lalat kejap. I didn't like the storyline and I definitely didn't like the new Bond. Moreover, i waited for the famous line - I'm Bond, James Bond - It was not in the movie this time - that's a classic, mana boleh tak ada line tu? Or I wasn't paying attention kot? Lagi satu, the Bond girl, hmmm takde anything special about her - nothing to remember pun pasal dia. Apa dah jadi la?

Whatever it is KN and I enjoyed our first experience at the Premiere cinema - very spacious and comfortable seats!

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