It Wasn't Time to Leave

I disappeared yet again but it wasn't yet time for me to go. I had been sick(er) these past couple of weeks and thought that I would've made it pass my birthday. I was ready to leave but God proved to me that He was not ready for me to go for good. I had a good scare and had told everyone my last wishes but I guess perjalanan masih panjang untuk Kal El.
This may not be a good note to start blogging again after a while but a new chapter has started in my life a chapter which I have by all means tried to avoid many times but finally had to succumb to - I gave up and gave my life to the machine. I am now a Superman on Dialysis.
After struggling against death for two weeks i realized a day after my 33rd birthday that God wanted me to go through IT so I hastily at 11pm made the decision to finally get KN to send me to the emergency department of Ampang Hospital for my fate to be decided and true enough I had to be put on dialysis for end stage renal failure first thing in the morning. A week has nearly passed and here I am a new person with new hopes and no plans for the future. May God help me. Please do.

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