My New Life as a Dialysis Patient

Undergoing dialysis is indeed a big step in our lives, not just mine tapi juga KN's yang affected. This new life memang needs time to adjust and get used to - macam-macam benda yang perlu berubah mostly time and money dan tak lupa juga soal makanan - Walaupun begitu makan pasti tetap makan hehehehe...
One of the things yang berubah is my physical - I am now 26Kgs lighter ( every time pergi dialysis akan berkurangan berat badan) and if my appetitte doesn't change soon - if it doesn't go back to what it was before I will be a jerangkung in no time. I put on nearly 20 Kgs after coming back from Umrah - sebab water retention and losing the weight now - so dah boleh pakai la baju dan seluar lama, siap longgar gila lagi.

Now, there's something I called a 'telinga extra' hanging on my neck - an incision made to insert a tube for dialysis dekat my neck before I get the vascular surgery on my arm done - itu pun will - take about 6 weeks to heal, so meantime ada la something ackward hanging kat my neck - conscious jugak tapi what to do.

As per diet right now, I am avoiding liquid as much as I can. Anything soupy included. Makan pun noi skipping now like i alwyas used to since I was told buat dialysis mesti kene makan. SO full mel every time from now on.

In terms of time, I will have to put aside 3 days a week ( a major adjustment to working time - in which belum ditentukan bagaimana lagi lepas ni - will only know when I go back to work next week.) and 4 hours will have to be spent for dialysis on these 3 days every week.

Financial wise - hmmm major adjustments as I will have to pay for the dialysis which is I think everybody knows very costly. That we'll have to see but whatever it is travel plans yang dah dibuat for next year will have to go on but with some adjustments to it.
Whatever it is I am hoping that life wouldn't be as bad and that things will turn out fine for both KN and I in the times to come.

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CATZ said...

oh...mcm best...saya harap saya ada masa utk pergi menontonnya..

Syahr-El said...

Ahahah Catz I seriously hope you're referring to my next entry on James Bond Quantum of Solace - or you nak 'menonton' i kene dialysis ke.. hehehe boleh aje temankan for 4 hours masa dialysis tu membosankan.
BTW for James Bond lovers memang la depa kaan kata Quantum of Solace ni sedap. Enjoy...

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