The Mirrors

The tagline - There is Evil on the Other Side attracted KN and I to download this movie; The Mirrors by Kiefer Sutherland- yet to be released in Malaysia. A Horror/thriller aimed at increasing the testosterone level of the viewers but I think failed to do so (in my case) - I just couldn't find anything good enough to scare my wits off off me anymore.

Only towards the end the movie became more interesting otherwise dull and boring but we kept watching as some scenes were worth watching - the gory ways some of the characters had been killed by the evil mirror - a rather nice concept but the storyline was a little slow and dragging.

One of my Favorite Scenes - Love the Goriness not the Naked Body

The plot goes around an ex-cop who was targeted by the evil mirrors in an old posh departmental store that was burnt down - this ex cop was the night shift guard at this torn down place and soon became obsessed with the mirrors in the store (which had not been destroyed somehow in the fire - dah namanya evil kan)

The Korean Sister - Geoul Sokeuro

I rate the movie Good but it could have been better. Mirrors is actually the U.S. remake of 2003 Korean horror movie Geoul Sokeuro, which was better and scarier (from what I read in the Internet - haven't seen the original yet).

Here's the trailer:

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CATZ said...

oh sgt scarry...tidakkk...

Syahr-El said...

huhuhu best la tengok citer seram ni Catz... bagus untuk jantung anda..

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