Got to know about this movie from a blog I read recently. Sounded convincing and scary and the website was as convincing too. There are four stories in one - an Alfred Hitchcock styled short films - horrific but rather disappointing because of the lack of care for a good subtitle. If I understood Thai perhaps the story would have been better enjoyed. Padan muka for getting a pirated copy of the movie but what the heck, it's not Malaysian.

Thr first story (Happiness) is about SMSing - a girl in crutches had to stay home and got bored and hooked up with a stranger in the chatroom - they exchanged mms and later the ghost of a man who apparently was involved in the accident that had caused the girl to be in cruthces got her and she too died. It was a simple scare but rather startling but as I mentioned earlier, the crappy subtitles pissed me off and had me on the verge of switching the movie off.

The second instalment (Tit for Tat) is rather silly but with an interesting storyline. Why do I say silly? Because the ghost was so unreal but the concept was good - you see how you die from a book (I suppose from hell) Couldn't undeestand this part much but the second story started with a bullied kid got killed and then everybody involved in the killing was killed by the 'demon'.

The third movie (In the Middle) is more interesting. A group of four teenage guys were out camping and met with an accident on a white water rafting tragedy. They were before that night talking about something about sleeping in the middle (therefore the title I guess - thanks to the crappy subtitles, I just assume this is the story) In the accident they lost a friend and returned to their tent. That night that one friend returned. The twist and what made this story nice was in the end they all discovered that everyone had actually died in he accident.

The Last Fright is about a stewardess working on a flight for a princess of a coutry - the storyline was illogical but the ghost was interesting and scary. The fact that I was vomiting for the past week made this story more interesting as the vomiting sounded familiar - hehehe silly me!

All in all if the movie had come with a better English or Malay subtitle, KN and I would have definirtely enjoyed it more - and if we had bought an originl copy (which we would if we have found one before finding the pirated copy) things may have been better for us. Lesson learnt - jangan beli pirated stuff. But again, not Malaysian so hehehe...sorry lah.

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