Reunited After 21 Years

Just imagine not meeting bukan seorang but a group of people for the last 21 years. Thank you to Facebook technology I was able to gather some really old friends from Primary School whom most I haven't met since Standard Six in 1987. Perhaps it's impossible to gather everyone but at least some very prominent people in the batch could be found; those yang memand takkan dilupakan, yang stood out among the crowd for being the creme and of course those same people who made it successfully in their lives and careers.

I didn't go to a popular town school, indeed the school was near town but students there were mostly children of Army Officers (like myself) and Police Personnel - Yep Jalan Padang Tembak or known as Jalan Semarak now. Since I left the school after Standard Six I had lost touch with most of them. Some went to RMC, some went to MRSM, other daily schools even my ex girl moved to Kuantan (and have not met her till now tsk!)

This alumni was set up at FB a couple of months before Ramadhan and the number grew from day to day until very recently we decided to meet after 21 years. Everybody was excited (pity those who are overseas) Of course there were unfamiliar faces, A fat one came in macho and married with a kid, a tomboy then now a mother of 2 and many other interesting people turned out for the buka puasa get together. Unfortunately I, the initiator of the alumni couldn't make it to the get together for my current health condition. Tapi yiu know, these old friends memang true friends as the moment they got to know I was unwell, they decided to come give me a visit at home.

So a couple of nights back kecoh la my house with unexpected guests - my old friends from Primary school. I felt so happy and honored to have people who cared and would go to the extend of coming to me when I couldn't go to them. These are real friends that everyone deserves. To these people, yes you've made my day and I felt alive that night to have you over at my place. There are too much to catch up but God's willing, InsyaAllah we'll meet again soon when I feel better.

The beauty of friendship touches only those who appreciate their friends.

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