Buka Puasa @ Tony Roma's Cineleisure

Again, before I fell sick hari tu sempat la KN and I pi this place we've never tried before. It was indeed the last buka puasa we had at a restaurant before I had to have my food served in the room. It was actually a surprise from KN (for no apparent occassion, just for the sake of surprising me - remember when I had that sudden crave for Bubba Gump's Mama's Southern Fried Chicken? It was that same day and as we were heading to the Ikea/Curve/Cineleisure area KN told me we were trying Tony Roma's) As a matter of factly a reservation was made earlier for the two of us. We had our buka puasa outdoors, in the cold showers of the dusk.

Potato Skin
Our first visit to Tony Roma's was not at all a dissapointment. Yes they had similar Country Fried Steak or Mama's Southern Fried Chicken as they called it at Bubba Gump but I was more interested in their Ribs - Boneless! Cheating huh?

The Ribs, The Four Sauces and Cranberry Juice

I had the Boneless Ribs with Mashed Potatoes and Corn on the Cob with Cranberry Juice (I love this drink!)  The Ribs was fantastic, really tasty, juicy and tender served with four types of sauces; Smokey, Hot, Original and Honey. I of course loved the Hot sauce. Although the ribs may look small in the picture they are indeed very filling. Perhaps because I had 4 servings of those Cranberry Juice - now why am I suffering from water retention problem again?

Country Fried Steak with Mashed Potatoes and Corn on Cob

KN on the other hand had the Country Fried Steak with Mashed Potatoes and Corn on the Cob and Lite Coke. KN's Country Fried Steak was a large serving and we were served with kurma as the drinks arrived, dah namanya puasa kan.

The Kurma

Apart from the main dishes, we ordered potato skin (served with cheese) and it was wonderful. The service was friendly and I would classify them as superb.

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Kembara Musafir said...

are you sure that you are taking care of your health...? makan ala2 "pakaliao" everything one...! ngidam jer, terus pegi... kaaaaan dah tak sihat... hmmm... take care of your food intake not only when you are sick, but also while you are well.... I assume that you are feeling well/better now, since you are updating this blog... hehe.. jaga2 makan tuh sket...:)

Syahr-El said...

hehehe thanks KM, this buka puasa treat took place before I fell sick. Alhamdulillah ada improvement sekarang ni only that I seldom get the chance to do many of the things I wanted to. Kalau coming entries takde tulis buka puasa then it means it's backdated. Something I've kept to be published and shared. Well, dah resam orang berpuasa mesti berbuka, my other half needs to eat, my case plak makan sikit je tapi gambar tetap ambil. I am moving around via wheelchair most of the time now so memang limited la movement and since taknak menyusahkan KN we seldom go out - Are you back in Malaysia?

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