Buka Puasa @ Old Town White Coffee

This was actually our first time trying out this famous kopitiam. We were at Jusco Wangsa Maju recently to get something for a friend's new born and ended up here by accident. We wanted to break fast at Secret Recipe but most of the restaurants were full house that day, including Old Town White Coffee, but lucky us (and pity this guy on wheelchair hehehe) a Chinese elderly couple who had just finished their meal hurriedly gave us their seats. Thank you folks for your kindess. May God bless you.

Nothing extravagant in their list of menu except for some tempting looking buns and toasts (what Kopitiams are famous for) and a variety of coffee and tea. Since we haven't eaten the whole day, we decided to just order the main dish and see it our tummies could accomodate some toast after that - we couldn't!

The Free Fruit Juice for Buka Puasa

Patrons for buka puasa are served with a free glass of fruit juice. Both KN and I ordered the Chicken Rendang Nasi Lemak. I had the Xi Mut Milk Tea and KN as usual ordered the Iced Cham.

Xui Mut Tea (Above) and Iced Cham (Below)

We were impressed with the food as the Rendang Chicken Nasi Lemak was fantastically delicious. I especially loved the Sambal with tonnes of largely cut onions. The Chicken Rendang too were tasty we both agreed. Unfortunately there were no eggs in this dish like a normal Nasi Lemak would usually have.

Rendang Chicken Nasi Lemak

I loved the Xi Mut Tea and when I come back (which I am sure I will real soon, I'll be trying their Nan Yang Memorably and Old Town Hazelnut White Coffee that look really inviting) Well done Old Town White Coffee, you've got yourself a happy customer here!

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