Of Politics and Dog Food

I hope I won't be caught under ISA for this piece of opinion.

Someone claimed some food served somewhere tasted SIMILAR to DOG FOOD. I just wonder - this person pernah ke rasa dog food since dia tau rasa makanan tu SIMILAR to DOG FOOD. Being an animal lover, having 7 cats of my own, their food isn't at all cheap - if they are not cheap they musn't be tasting that bad.

My cats eat food that are more expensive than what I eat on a daily basis. These are cats - dog food are far more expensive. Go get any dog food brochures for that matter, they are made mostly of fine and healthy ingredients consisting of vegetables, meat and more (Tengok aja iklan Whiskas on TV lately ni, even I don't eat that complete diet in my meals!) I wonder lah what this person is serving  her dog lah, that is if she has one at home kan? If that's the case, pity the dog.

Sapa Kata Makanan Anjing Tak Sedap? 
Hanya Dia Sahaja yang Kata Begitu...Mungkin Sebab dia DAH Rasa...

My point? Don't simply say things because you have to say or point out something is bad. Think before you open your mouth. Then having the guts to make a statement denying what you have said to the reporters earlier (soon after the media immediately aired the statement she made using the word SIMILAR to DOG FOOD - come on they are the media, have you heard of video and voice recorder before?) This proves your credibility as a leader. Even if you're angry you should not to create a stir on such trivial matter. You are not put in a 5 Star hotel, so accept the fact. It's good enough there were no maggots in your meals and what's so bad about eating two boiled eggs, some kuah and rice? Our forefathers ate ubi during the Japanese occupation - they lived!

My opinion, those people in those kind of places deserve that kind of food they are served perhaps as a punishment for their wromgdoings - sapa suruh buat jahat kan? Dah buat jahat then you expect to be served tasty food kah? I don't want the money I pay for tax being fed to those people - call me indiscriminate or cruel - as long as they are not served DOG FOOD - or perhaps that lady was really served DOG FOOD ke? That makes my cereballar stroke affected brain thinking suddenly.

Cukup-cukup la tu. Bosan tau with Malaysian politics!

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Kembara Musafir said...

alaaaa... makcik nih ala2 drama queen pun ada gak kengkadang...
and yes, Malaysian Politics is like a circus now.... macam2 ada...!!

Syahr-El said...

bosan la KM dengan Malaysian political scenario ni... dah dekat 8 bulan the same story pusing2 itu juga. I wish things will go back to normal and that everybody will concentrate on developing the nation. Banyak lagi issues yang perlukan perhatian sekarang ni bukan benda remeh temeh macam yang makcik drama queen ni brought up.

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