New Template for Hari Raya

Haaa... I was sooooo lazy to do anything at work today, bukannya sebab mood Raya dah tiba tapi sebab there's no one (only the two of us in this office yang rajin sangat tak amik cuti) hari ni dan esok. So, no point la for me to pulun working like mad (as if selalu tu Kal El pulun la kan) But whatever it is, I will usually ensure that deadlines are met so that people waiting for my work would never have to wait.

The New Comer

Come to think of it, I've never in my whole life took more than 2 days leave for raya (unless its forced like this coming Friday, or masa sekolah/belajar dulu la). So, dah nak raya ni, since Kal El takde la nak bersiap-siap beli baju raya or decorate the house with new furniture ke, I decided to decorate this blog innstead sempena Aidilfitri yang mulia ini... muahahaha! 

In Memory

So here it is, I hope it is better than the previous one. I kinda like the old one but it's too crowded/cluttered la rasanya, so back to 2 column-blog lah. Make up sana, make up sini jadik la rupa yang cenggini. Nothing extravagant but I think you would know that I love the colour orange.

p/s KN baru call ajak balik awal hehehehe... today buka puasa kat in-law's house in Shah Alam.

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