Long Khong 2

I saw many movies while at home sick sampai nak muntah-muntah rasanya. Since my room has every single thing I need to call a house (cuma fridge je takde); complete TV, DVD player, hard disk player, ASTRO, phone, Internet I couldn't complaint much as everything was just at the click of the remote control.

One of the movies I watched and definitely loved was the prequel to Long Khong. This is indeed my kind of movie - gory, cruel, visual, scary, disgusting dan yang sewaktu dengannya. I loved the first movie and just loved this one more. My favourtie part? Of course lah yang part kene torture-torture tu huhuhuhu, so am I sick or what?

Long Khong 2 or Art of Devil 3 (the first instalment of Art of the Devil 1 was so, so). Even while watching the trailer had my puasa-ing stomach turned inside out but I just loved it. My heart beat frantically throughout the movie. It has indeed answered some questions that arose from the earlier sequel. I love the endiong when the sequal continues from there, creating the flow as if someone were to conmtinue watching the Art of the Devil 2, they may just continue from Part 3, hebat kan?

I just think more sincere movies like this should be made - it's real, about real life, nothing pretentious and it could happen to just anyone of us and what's best, ada nilai-nilai murni (good values to be learnt) - jangan main Bomoh!

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