Buka Puasa @ Chili's KLCC

Before falling sick hari tu, on the 3rd day of Ramadhan, we managed to visit our favourite dining place - Chili's! Actually masa kat Jeddah lagi on the way back to KL dah teringat Chili's just because we saw an outlet there. So, dengan nafsu bulan posa ni, we went to Chili's untuk memuaskannya... (huhuhu).

As usual, we would order their classic Nachos (a must, never missed so far) as starters. KN had the Country Fried Chicken (again, I feel they should re introduce their Country Fried Steak) but this time the Country Fried Chicken was served with Fried instead of with Mashed Potatoes. Hmmm I prefer with Mashed Potatoes... I had the lamb shoulder - server with black pepper sauce but I of course asked for Mint Sauce.

Something was a miss this time Ramadhan at Chili's as they did not have a Ramadhan set menu like they usually do but fortunately they did not forget to serve Kurma with our dish. For drinks we ordered Ice Lemon Tea from the fountain maka banyak la Kal El telan air, thus worsen my water retention problem... padan muka kan?

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