Syabas Yasmin on Talentime!

Last Sunday for the first time in more than 6 months KN and I pi tengok wayang - ye lah before this Kal El sakit so tak berkesempatan pi ke panggung. And we're glad that our first movie in 6 months was a Yasmin Ahmad's - memang we never miss Yasmin's movie - mesti pi panggung punya.

Kalau korang belum tengok filem ni - go! Like all other Yasmin's movie - this movie memang original, has high literature value and what's best - it relates to our everyday Malaysian life. The actors chosen by Yasmin seperti biasa - mengancam dan mantap - they were very expressive and their acting memang superb! Macam pro!

Maheesh and Melur

I love the songs in this movie (sung by Aizat and Atilia) and even the Tamil song O Re Priyaa tu pun catchy habis. The boy Maheesh walaupun takde script in his acting memang pandai with his expressions. Syabas! Melur (Pamela) was good too walaupun she's a bit pelat but this is what Yasmin's movie is all abouy - being Malaysian and tak kisah la bangsa apa sekalipun, they're able to speak Malay (and English) well. Apa yang made me proud, Syafie pun banyak English dialogue in his part this time.

I have to admit I cried many times masa tengok movie ni. I am just able to relate to this movie well, especially scenes Hafiz dengan mak dia Embun (Azean Irdawaty) - remnded me of masa arwah mummy sakit dulu. Another part air mata Kal El berjurai bila Maheesh melutut depan mak dia tu... uwaaaaaaa expressivenye dia and I was touched to the max!

To Yasmin, buat lah lagi cerita-cerita Malaysia sebegini. Your movies banyak maksud yang tersirat dan tersurat yang Kal El rasa many of us yang appreciate - bukan setakat cerita-cerita cinta basi macam yang dah selalu kita tengok di layar perak - you're different. I hope you will win more awards in the time to come and I vote you my favourite writer/movie director of all time...

Here's the synopsis from Talentime Official Website:

A talent search competition has matched two hearts - that of Melur, a Malay-mixed girl and an Indian male student, Mahesh. Melur, with her melodious voice, singing whilst playing the piano is one of the seven finalists of the Talentime competition of her school organised by Cikgu Adibah. Likewise Hafiz, enthralling with his vocalist talent while playing the guitar, dividing his time between school and mother, who is hospitalised for brain tumor.

It all started after Mahesh, amongst the students assigned to get the finalists to school for practice, delivered the notice of successful audition to Melur's house. His handsome looks attracted the girl. Early on of their relationship, tragedy struck Mahesh's family when his uncle Ganesh who had been the care-taker of the family since the loss of Mahesh's father, was stabbed to death on his wedding day. Melur thinking that Mahesh's silence was due to his grief over the tragedy became furious when she was continuously ignored. She regretted it however after Hafez revealed Mahesh's situation.

Syafie @ Mukhsin - An Aspiring Actor

That changed Melur's perception of Mahesh. Likewise Mahesh, who grew comfortable with the presence of the girl who often quotes beautiful poetry. Mahesh, realizing that the relationship will be opposed, kept it hidden from his mother,still grieving over the death of Ganesh. Alas, the secret was exposed and Mahesh was assaulted before Melur's very eyes. Just a day before the competition, is Melur resilient enough to sing the poetic lyrics of her song when her heart is tormented by the thoughts of Mahesh? What about Mahesh who has found his first love? On Talentime night, everything unfolds.

Fantasy Element in the Movie

Ahahah Papa Harith Iskander - Menghiburkan Seperti Biasa
(Hmmm KN suka lah tengok dia tak berbaju!)

All photos from Blog Hanz

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deennasour said...

alo KL.
aku otw tgk filem ni 3 kali ni.

btw, kalau suka lagu tu, download ah.
come inside my blog.

Syahr-El said...

Dah boleh download ye? Hari tu says 'coming soon' Wah tengok 3 kali! Bestnye... kirim salam kat panggung tu ek heheheh...

Kembara Musafir said...

hmmmm... jeles...!! jeles....!! gua miss lagi... ekcelli I flew back to Dubai the day it was open in pawagam... geremmmmm....!! kalo CD dah keluao, kasik tau, k....!!! would love to watch it... dengar kabar Muallaf pun akan release kat Mesia Sep nih... must be really happening...!! (Muallaf has been released in Singapore nearly 2 years ago... 4th film from Yasmin, but in Mesia, the 5th film (Talentime) keluo lagi awal...)

Syahr-El said...

Ha ah can't wait for muallaf... as a matter of factly, from yasmin's blog, muallaf dah dua kali main kat panggung in singapore! Takpe... soon the talentime dvd akan kuar punya hehehe do check out the soundtrack... memang sedap lagu2 dia.

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