Boston @ Jusco AU3

Another restaurant we recently tried at Jusco Setiawangsa/Au3 was Boston. This restaurant serves mainly western food and some Asian cuisine as well. The place looked posh but it was affordable with nice ambiance and free WiFi (all of the restaurants there provides free WiFi)

Iced Tea.. or was it Iced Chocolate.. hmmm I Doubt It.

I've always liked it when restaurants serve my drinks in jar like glasses - like at Road House Grill, Boston serves their drinks in similar jars - it makes the drink look just tempting, yes? The drink above came in a lunch set that I ordered. It was Chicken Cordon Blue that came with a bowl of Musrhroom Soup, Garlic Bread and the unidentifiable drink above .

Chicken Cordon Blue, Garlic Bread and the cold and tasteless Mushroom Soup

While the Chicken Cordon Blue tasted just OK (I think Secret Recipe's better), I really despised the Mushroom Soup - it was tasteless and cold - as though it was prepared last night and they didn't even bother to reheat. Disappointing! The garlic bread was good though.

Baked Rice in Cheese

KN would always love anything with cheese on it so that's the Baked Rice in Cheese served and according to KN it did not taste good as well.

Fried Wanton with Prawn

And we ordered this fried wanton - it was nice but a no-no for me as there was a gigantic piece of prawn in each of them - I was a little furious but didn't make noise because I didn't think the description on the menu had the word 'PRAWN' in it - so since KN couldn't eat that much, it went to waste.

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