Filipino Market and Pasar Ikan Masin – Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Ahahah how could I accidentally left this entry out? This is a continuation from our recent trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for Valentines.

a.k.a Pasar Filipino @ Filipino Market

The hotel we stayed in was very near to the Filipino Market, Pasar Buah and Pasar Ikan Masin. That Sunday before we returned to KL there was also a Tamu there. Unfortunately since I had to control my fluid intake due to this darn renal failure I had to refrain myself from gulping the young coconut drink that was in abundance in KK. I still remember the last time I was in there in 2003, that was the only drink I took in KK.

Gamat Kering dan Ikan Kering @ Pasar Ikan Masin

This part of KK hasn't changed much. Well of course there were new buildings as well as fly overs surrounding KK City but this part of town remains the same. Filipino Market is like Chatuchak in Bangkok but this time I couldn't enter the place as I was wheelchair bound and guess what - tak muat lah! So since it was KN's first time there, I gave KN the chance to jalan-jalan and tengok-tengok inside the Filipino Market while I sat outside on the wheelchair like a peminta sedekah ahahaha... This particular area in KK, especially on a Sunday memang penuh dengan orang, crowded habis. So imaginelah the attraction I've caused to these locals.

One thing about Malaysians, they do like to stare - pantang tengok orang pelik (Ye la takde kaki kan... pelik la) masing-masing tengok-tengok tanpa segan silu dan cover-cover - macam nampak alien ke nampak hantu pulak... lantak la hehehe (emotional kejap)

We had the chance to shop at Pasar Ikan Masin - Ka'ngah and Mak kirim terubuk Sarawak and we also bought Belacan Papar which our friend Zurry recommended saying sedap gila (lepas rasa macam sama je ngan belacan Semenanjung). We also bought tit bits to be given away to family members back home. Pasar Ikan Masin memang la a heaven for Ikan Masin lovers, providing you bring the extra cash as these things can be costly! As for me yang tak makan ikan ni, huhuhu I don't at all enjoy the smell of that place, buweeekk!

Pasar Buah and Tamu

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