Rasa Sate Kajang yang Sebenar?

Taman Melati Branch

The first thing I planned to do when arriving at the Uni some 12 years ago was to experience the ever famous and supposedly the most delicious satay of all - Satay Kajang. I could still remember it was with my best friend Roy whom I talked into taking a bus from the Uni and for the first time setting foot in Kajang Town when we discovered Satay Kajang Haji Samuri. This was when my taste buds got accustomed to Satay Kajang Haji Samuri.

Back then you didn't have to order your satay but they will arrive as soon as you land your bum on the seats. If you need more than what you were served, just ask for more. Otherwise you only pay for what you consumed and the rest will go back to the kitchen, heated and then served to the other guests. Even the gravy were topped up before your current bowl was empty. And imagine the satay - it was huge, juicy and great tasting - you'd be coming back for more.

The price? - a cheap RM0.30 per stick - cheap eh? Satay Haji Samuri in Kajang had become our favourite lepak place whenever we craved for satay (that's like 3 times a week - we just couldn't get enough of it because they were filling and yes, wallet-friendly). Talk about meeting place in Kajang; a place to celebrate birthdays, a place to take turn to belanja friends when we were a little rich with scholarship money - Satay Haji Samuri would be the ultimate choice. But those were the days - 12 years ago. Nothing could compare to the fun and the experience we had then. The thrill of having your satay sticks counted by the waiter and wallah only then you realized you have eaten more than you can afford, was priceless!

The Sambal and the Peanut Sauce - My Favorite Here

Ever since they decided to 'serve as ordered' things have taken a turn with Satay Kajang Haji Samuri - it has become just like any satay place in the country - no longer there were cheap thrills of the waiter having to go round the table counting satay sticks if you decide to go dutch - and imagine if a whole class of 20 were there - phew! Prices too shot up to RM0.60 now and the satay are getting skinnier by the day, no longer juicy and are often served cold. Even the waiters need to be called several times for service - and if you have ordered something other than satay (a bowl of cut onions for instance) you'd have to ask for it minimum twice or at one time I had to even go to their kitchen to ask for the onions myself. (Note - they didn't have as many waiters in the early 90s but were very efficient and super fast)

Nasi Himpit and Bawang - A must for KN and me.
They used to have ketupat back then.

No doubt that Satay Kajang Haji Samuri is still the favourite to many, the place has somehow lost its charm and I think, it is over commercialized. Even so, I would still crave for Satay Haji Samuri once in a while and would go to their Taman Melati branch (good business I suppose as they've expanded form one to two shop lots) as I still love their Kuah Kacang (Peanut Sauce) and the Sambal that comes with it. Rugi for our youngsters who think that this is the happening satay serving place in town - only if they've experienced the place like us old people did. Ahahaha tua ke?

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Encik Anif said...

hahaha... besh besh sate wooo!! Teringat masa kat Kajang Utama & UKM :D

Bila nak kena sate nih mon? Kalau nak sate kajang ..kena turun Kajang le..

Syahr-El said...

Ahahaha skang ni dah takyah pi Kajang kalau nak makan sate kajang... berlambak dah haji samuri ni bersepah2 kat KL ni. Yang aku pi ni pun dekat ngan rumah aku tapi feel kurang la... tak sama macam masa kita belajar dulu2.

Encik Anif said...

Aku nih kira hantu sate aa.. masa kat UKM dulu..badan keding.. 20 cucuk pun Aku masih selamba lagi.. heheh!

Kembara Musafir said...

last time I went back to KL, I was a bit disappointed with Satay Kajang Haji Samuri.... the portion has become smaller, and somehow made it less interesting... I would prefer that they maintain the portion size and increase the price... good stuffs doesn't come cheap... kalau mahal, kita makan kurang sket, tak sebanyak dulu... anthr thing about Restoran Satay Kajang Haji Samuri... service is "big fat ZERO"... nasib baik satay dia sedap... kalau nak mengharapkan servis dia, hmmm... tak ke mana Pak Haji Samuri tuh...

Syahr-El said...

Ahahahah you and indeed right Kembara... mmg service dia menyakitkan hatim for me nasib baik the peanut sauce sedap and they don't mix the sambal and the kuah so boley la menghadap sambal tu sebanyak mungkin for someone yang suka pedas like me... kalau tak good bye la Haji Samuri. there's another good sate around my area - my dad's favourite - Sate Sri Melaka - the next time I go there I'll take pictures kasi u terliur ye Kembara.

Haaa Anip, nasib baik ko kat Mesia tak macam Kembara kat Dubai tu... kita sama2 la hantu masa kat uni dulu kan ekekeke (bukan setakat hantu sate tapi mmg hantu pun...)

Najib Ariyan Ali Basha said...

Kalau Kalel cakap satenya rasa sate sebenar abang setuju tapi kalau kuah kacangnya abang kurang setuju.

Kalau kat Johor, mereka akan masakkan sekali sambal dengan kuah kacangnya dan kacang tak setebal kat Sate Samuri... biasanya Abg akan bawak balik dan masak semula kuah kacang tu dgn resepi abang sendiri...

Syahr-El said...

Yup true about johor punya Kuah Kacang - mmg campur sekali. What I like about Haji Samuri punya kuah kacang ialah boleh letak sebanyal mana sambal hehehe kadang2 sampai nak tersedak rasa sebab pedas dan berminyak.

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