Laksa Shack! Lagi!

It has been awhile since we last went to Laksa Shack! On our visit there at their Jusco Wangsa Maju branch recently I finally tried something other than their Laksa Johor (and it took a great deal of courage and sacrifice for me to make the decision NOT to order Laksa Johor that day... huhuhuh)

KN ordered the usual Curry Mee.

Curry Mee

While I ordered the Beriyani Ayam - a sumptuous set with Chicken Beriyani, Fried Hard Boiled Egg, Papadam, Bergedil (unfortunately a really small one but tastes good) and Acar Pencak (the clear cucumber, carrot and onion acar). The meal tastes fine and I did not regret ordering something other than my usual? Will I order the Chicken Beriyani again? Definitely.

Chicken Beriyani

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Kembara Musafir said...

Beriyani....? am thinking of putting a 'ban' on biriyani for the next 1 month... dah tak sanggup ler... selalu sgt... dah mula muak dah walaupun biriyani yg confirm sedap..

Syahr-El said...

pak pak arab mesti suka makan beriyani kambing ek? ahahah ni yang buat teringin nak makan beriyani dubai ni...

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