I am Crazy for Her

Yep. THIS is my current craze. I would turn my head 360 degrees whenever I see this beauty on the road. It has transformed and has tremendously improved from the old version (which I nearly bought one a couple of years back - lucky I didn't because it seems to be looking ugly now).

The All New 2008 Accent CVVT on the other hand is such a sleek looking car that I think would suite me well. I love the design and the interior and the fact that it's a fuel saver says it all. I was at Ampang Point Mall last weekend and they were having a Merdeka Day promotion - was really attracted to the car and... NO I didn't decide to get one, at least for now. Since I am going for Umrah in August I do not want to make purchases in a hurry, I need time to think.

After some sense talking session with KN, I realized that there is still a year of loan left for the current car and with the current economic conditions I think I better not think of changing car just yet - but who knows in a few months time I might just get her for good?

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Chahya said...

'Kak' El,
since u mention u r Shera's senior in my blog, I was wondering if I actually know u...err..u are a TESLian too?
Good to know u'r blessed with such rezki to go for umrah in August..my parent and sister are going there too in August. When my time will come, I wonder...*sigh*

Chahya said...

Hi again.
whooppss..sorry. Got it wrong. Shera was yr senior. Then if she's yr senior, then I'm yr super2 senior. *sigh* (more depression..hahha)

Uncle said...

Marhabah. Welcome to the Holy Land!


Syahr-El said...

Ahahah Hi Chahya... yes Shera was my senior. I am in batch 6 - which batch were u in? So cuba la ingat2 sapa kat TESL 6 tu yang muka iras2 superman ahaks!

InsyaAllah your time will come. Nak kesana ni mcm tetiba je bukannya boleh plan2 sangat. I actually planned to go earliest next year tetiba tergerak nak pi cepat. InsyaAllah. BTW good to see you're back, jangan sedey2. InsyaAllah Allahyarhamah Shera will be amongst those yang Tuhan sayang. Amin.

uncle, thank you. Tak sabar2 nak jejak kaki ke sana. InsyaAllah. Dah berdebar-debar rasa. Bak kata Kembara Musafir dlm blognya - takut kene panah petir sebab baik sangat perangai ni hehehe.

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