Durians @ Taman Melawati

The Murah Ones (above) and the Expensive Ones (below)

Every Durian season, this place would be full with the King of Fruit's lovers including me. Well, as a diabetic, I shouldn't be even smelling the aroma of the fruit, shouldn't I? Ah, what the heck -I wouldn't be calling myself Malaysian if I am deprived from eating and smelling the lovely Durians! True?

What's most important is that at this place in Melawati town, Durians are in abundance and are sold cheap too. They may not be the best deal like the ones you may find outside KL but buying here is a real bargain - even the 4 for RM10 would be a good treat for 2 - good for us KLites who seldom get the chance to taste Fresh Kampung Durians sold by the road side in Pahang or Penang for example. What's more? You can choose to have the fruit dine-in as they have tables and chairs set up for those who doesn't want their cars (and homes) to smell of Durian for the rest of their lives (hehehe kidding...). Furthermore this way, customers are assured of good quality and best tasting Durians as they are opened and consumed there and then. Any complaints and grievances will be entertained in real time!

The Fruit Stall Just Opposite

Nearby is a stall selling all sorts of fruits making this area a one stop centre for Malaysian Fruit lovers in Taman Melawati and surrounding areas.

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Lee said...

Hello Kal El, noticed your comment at Chahya's blog...and always a busybody noticing your callsign, somehow reminding me of Superman, ha ha, saya datang.
Holy Smoke! Look at all the durians...I love your eloquence describing them.

By the way you mentioned about the durian smell in cars and homes...beli satu atau dua blocks of charcoal put in the trunk of your car, fridge....it takes away the smell pronto.

I used to just leave one in my car...as wife does marketing ada udang, ikan smells, ha ha.
Oh ya, I use a long, strong screwdriver to open durians, quicker, easier....wash it first, poke it thru the back, dead centre, and pry open...watch your fingers though, ha ha.

Wa, betul murah tu, huh? Disini kita dapat, tetapi dari Vietnam or Thailand...but not bad. Used to love those from Taiping.
Ada sekali I was at a contractor's place, he pretended to look at my car asking for the keys while I was busy checking out the worksite...

He loaded my trunk full of durians...I didn't know as I drove off in my Alfa Romeo...after a mile wondering mana tu durian smells coming from and why my car feeling sluggish? Ha ha.

Saya berenti and sniffed around, buka my trunk, and Holy Smoke! about 20 durians in my trunk, ha ha...

You keep well and have a great weekend...don't fly or go on dates after durians, arhaaa ha ha. Lee.

Syahr-El said...

Wow, it is really an honor to haveu visiting this blog. I especially love th poem u wrote for the late Shera - somehow I could connect to it well. Wish I could copy paste the poem one day in this blog hehehe.

Errr... ahh... am I not superman? hehehe I have always believed that I am super in my own way and trust me although Kal El is only a nick, my real name ends with an 'El' too - so that makes me Superman's half brother lah... I'll even settle for his cousin pun jadi la.

Very funny story about ur durian experiences and thank you for the tips, i'll remember it the next time i bring those home.

Till we meet again in cyberspace. thanks again for dropping in.

Fly, fly away!....

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