Hainan Street Cafe, Ampang Park

Whenever we're out of ideas where to have dinner we would usually go somewhere near and with easy access. Since I work nearby Ampang Park, we usually decide to go to the usual Cozy Corner, KFC, Pizza Hut or McDonald's. This time we decided to go to a kopitiam we've only tried once before - Hainan Street Cafe at the East end of Ampang Park. It's a small Kopitiam serving the usual nyonya styled dishes.

What's nice about this place is that you can have dinner at their 'side-street' tables while watching cars go by or if you're lucky enough, you could laugh at those motorists stuck in the heavy traffic jam whenever SMART tunnel decides to suddenly close - like they usually abruptly do.

Nasi Lemak Kari Ayam

We of course ordered their Iced Cham - a must whenever we're at a Kopitiam and this time we both tried the Chicken Curry Nasi Lemak. It was tasty and very special especially with the Acar Timun as a side dish - a little sweet and a little funny to have this with Nasi Lemak but it was indeed a good and worthy combination.

Iced Cham

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Shah said...

Iced Cham tu air apa? Cam terliur je tengok

Syahr-El said...

iced cham tu air kopi + teh. Usually kopitiam would have it. Try la...

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