Nasi Daging Daun Selasih @ KruaThai Restaurant

When we're out of choice for food, we'll usually settle for something nearby - KruaThai Restaurant is one of those 'within vicinity' eating place in Bukit Antarabangsa. I think, of all the food here, (those usually served in a Thai restaurant) Nasi Daging Daun Selasih is so far the best.

However, the cook isn't really consistent and the taste varies from one visit to another. I suppose they have different cook for different days but I haven't been as lucky as this one fine evening where lady luck had me capture the best yet Nasi Daging Dauh Selasih served at KruaThai Restaurant so far. After that it was all a different variety of the dish which was not really to my liking. Here 's the lucky shot:

Nasi Daging Selasih

Nasi Daging Selasih is a medium dry dish served with Sunny Side Up Egg and is best eaten with Sambal Belachan. I would usually accompany this dish with a bowl of Oxtail Soup. Nasi Daging Daun Selasih is quite spicy but the taste of Daun Selasih is really pleasing to the tastebud, mine at least.

Sambal Belachan

Sup Ekor @ Oxtail Soup

The other place serving this dish was at Puchong Perdana (can't remember the name - the last time I was there was nearly 9 years ago) If ever I am near Puchong Perdana again I would see if this place still exists or not. They serve excellent Thai food.

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Uncle said...

Jadi lapar after seeing the you boleh jadi I punya "Food Photographer" la.


Syahr-El said...

Huhuhu selalu rasa serba salah kat orang2 yang jauh dari Mesia ni bila post gambar-gambar makanan tempatan. Since u're in Ampang kan Uncle, nanti balik boleh la singgah kedai ni di Bukit Antarabangsa.

jadi photographer? InsyaAllah boleh... hehehe.

Anonymous said...

terima kasih kerana datang ke kedai kami

Anonymous said...

sekarang kami sudah tukar nama jadi krua amani restaurant dah....apa guna kita promosi thai...ada pon kita orang melayu kan.lagi pon masakan itu respi kita sendiri pulak tu

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